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Reflection_How to Survive Critique: A Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback

Written by: Karen Cheng

Reading a negative feedback is not happy, and especially written feedback makes me nervous. Even though it’s very important to accept the problems pointed out by critics and the suggestions made by them, it might not be easy to read blunt comments such as “… I don’t understand why you made this.” When I designed an e-module for a graduate coursework, I was very proud of using cartoons and the professor encouraged me to use this idea. But due to my lack of skills of Photoshop, the resolution of the pictures was not clear. I didn’t get a good comment on this part from the classmates. I was a little bit embarrassed and wanted to hide myself when I saw the feedback, because I just thought it was great to use the cartoons for design and I didn’t think of the quality of the design. The article suggests “Listen, and keep an open mind and avoid getting defensive.” This is very important to review our work and to improve it because we may just want to see whatever we want, rather than accepting any flaws that we made. I think the hamburger method is always good, considering shy students. Starting with a compliment such as “good job” can make the students feel comfortable as well as can reduce their defensive attitude. Then they can be read to read any comments, and can be encouraged to continue working with a positive word at the end. As the author mentioned, not all the suggestions are useful, and we have to analyze and think critically with an open mind in order to improve the work.


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