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Keyform Assignment_Summary

Keyform_v2_with comments

It was very interesting to see how people think different from me and to find my mistakes, which I’ve realized but other people could immediately notice. Five keyforms were reviewed. I changed mistakes that I made (but reviewers thought I did intentionally). For instance, one key was facing a different direction among others (harmony) and keys were not aligned (rhythm). One of the keyforms (scale) was interpreted differently. I tried to show scale, but the reviewers thought the illustration shows more like “dimension” or “perspective,” so I change the title for this, and made an illustration for scale again. In addition, one of the interesting things was for “movement.” I put two different key sets facing different directions. The reviewers noticed that the keys were facing different directions: going up and down. But the reviewers saw the direction differently, which I still don’t see the illustration that way. This can be one of the reasons that the designer needs to communicate with clients or stakeholders in order to avoid misinterpretation.


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