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Assignment: Catch Phrase and Misstion Statement

Catch Phrase 1

catch phrase1
After looking at the catch phrase, the first idea that I came up with was a globe. So, I tried to emphasize the “World” by positioning it in the middle, making a globe. The two words “Exploring” and “Together” are also surrounding the “World” so that people can think these two words are attached to the world.

Catch Phrase 2

catch phrase2
I tried to make a circle using the catch phrase in order to provide a hint of the world and a connection. Even though a serif font is easier to read in general, I used Helvetica, a san-serif font, for the catch phrase. I think if I use a serif font, it might be a little bit harder to read since the words are not aligned in a linear way.

Mission Statement 1

mission statement1
I tried to emphasize “To Meet, Learn, Know and Help” since the ASC is a place for seniors to come, socialize, and learn. So, I put this phrase in the middle using a larger font than other phrases. In order to avoid a feeling that the words are scattered, I added a box outside of the statement along with the statement repeatedly using a very small font.

Mission Statement 2

mission statement2
For this version, I used Time New Roman, a serif font, to make it easy to read and to provide a kind of decorative mood. In order to emphasize four words “Meet,” “Learn,” “Know,” and “Help,” I used a larger font and put them in the middle. These four words also made a circle to give a idea of connection, which people can think what they are going to do at ASC.


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