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Letterform Assignment_Summary

letterform with comments

Producing some moods using only letters was not easy. Or, probably I selected difficult words to express: sad, happy, static, and active. For the version 1, I tried to make a story. For example, loneliness (for sad), two people sitting on the bench (static), flying letters out of a castle (active), and laughing (happy). However, I don’t think my reviewers understood my intention, but they gave me good advice. For example, comic sans is more suitable for happy rather than for static since the font has wave and looks playful. Putting the upside down Y in the middle to make a castle didn’t work well for “active” due to its symmetric position. While I was listening to my classmates’ critiques, I was not sure how I could apply their advice to revise my design. However, I think my 2nd version after the review looks better and I appreciate that I got critiques from the reviewers.


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