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Reading: Required

color theory from “Graphic design the new basics”

Which color do you like? This is a common question we always get. I always say yellow because, for me, it is a bright color, stands for spring, and gives a positive feeling. When I think of red, something is very important and old people like this color because it’s colorful and stands out.

This week’s reading is very interesting to learn basic terminology, systems, relationship among colors. Even though I learned colors when I was a little girl, I still feel I’m not good at selecting colors, especially for clothes. That’s why I end up selecting black and white, rather than choosing contrasting colors which can produce more energy. When I started working at Marketing team, my boss talked about full-color ad. It took me time to figure out what that means. After that, I just ignored because usually we are using black & white or color for printing ads and there was no need to mention specific color combination.

This week’s reading is very helpful for me to clearly understand what full-color or four color printing is and when we can use this term. That stands for CYMK, which are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Now I can find this even in a Xerox machine. Also, RGB represents red, green, and blue, and this is used for designing on screen. The reading also introduces some effects produced from color combination. Depending on the colors used in the same pattern or shape, the colors produce different moods or atmospheres: darker or lighter, different hue or value, forward or recede, new forms appear or disappear, soft effect, vibrate or passive, etc.  Even though I have a good resource about the color, it may take me to develop a good sense of color. Only the way I can do is probably just playing with colors! And I may need to compare my works with this good resource to see how it’s related.


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