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Weekly Inspiration: Typography (cover page)

Cover page of the UMBC magazine for Winter 2013

Cover page of the UMBC magazine for Winter 2013

When I saw this cover, the letter “O” with an image of film caught my eyes. I immediately thought it must say something about movie. And then I read the word “PLUTOPIA.” Since we are currently working on letter forms, the graphic design of letters drew my attention. Using a symbol can be very attractive if the shape of the symbol is close to the letter and is related to what the content wants to talk about. Also the word is designed using 3-D and a shape, which looks one of the “envelope wrap” options in Illustrator. That make the title stands out and it looks more active.

On the other hand, it’s nice to have cursive words for “greeting from” and “Richland USA, Orersk USSR,” but I just ignored this, considering it as decoration. I was thinking if target population of this magazine is non-Americans and if the school wants to send this magazine to other countries, probably many people whose native language is not English may have the same idea with me. So, choosing between print and cursive forms may also need to be taken into consideration when we design letters.


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