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Assignment: Creative Typography (V2)

Version 1 with comments
catch phrase_ver1_w comments
mission statement_ver1_w comments

Version 2
ASC_ver2_catch phrase
ASC_ver2_mission statement

I put a little more space between two words so that people can easily read. I also changed the letter font using Hobo Std Medium in order to make it look more active. For the other illustration, I arranged the words in three lines and used a shell shape in the envelope distort function to make the illustration more circle. Now it looks something explore from the circle due to the shape of the letters in “exploring” and “together.”

Still I’m not satisfied with my second version of mission statements. However, it looks better after applying the comments, such as using different fonts to emphasize the words or changing the order of the words so that people can easily read the statement. I didn’t get any critique about the border, but I removed it in order to remove a shape of certificate looking.


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