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Inspiration: Wallet


I never paid attention with my small wallet. I just bought it a couple of months ago because I thought it looks very simple and pretty. As a decoration, there are some letters scattered and engraved on the outside of the wallet. I thought those letters indicate a brand and tried to find the name just for fun. But I couldn’t get any clue of how to make a word using the letters because the letters are not consistently arranged. I gave up finding the word and started looking at the name of the company or brand inside the wallet. If there were no name inside, I couldn’t find the brand of my wallet. I thought it might not be a good marketing strategy because it’s hard for people to find the brand on the product. However, people may remember the design, the way the letters are arranged, as a kind of logo or symbol. Probably people who know this brand recognize this wallet immediately, which is different from me – I just pick a pretty one if the design is attractive rather than trying to look at the logo.


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