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Assignment: Designs for the older eye – ASC Final Version

By playing with the colors, I tried to make the vision and mission statements more distinguished. Even though we learned from the lecture and the articles that tonal contrast is important for older people, it is not easy for me to apply this tonal contrast to my design. So, the pictures on the last week’s slide were very useful resources because I was able to compare my design by looking at the pictures to see if I used the similar concepts.

For the catch phrases, I changed a typeface for the word “World” to make it less curved and changed some colors to warm colors instead of using blue. For the mission statements, I redesigned them by changing typefaces to san-serif fonts and making them bold. Since I thought four words – meet, learn, know, and help – should be emphasized in order for the seniors to remind why they come to the senior center, I put those words in the middle with all upper cases and made them bold. I tried to use more different colors shown on the pictures for texts and backgrounds. I also used light pink as a background for one of each design since I noticed in class that it make texts more stand out.


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