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Inspiration: Grids

hierarchy grids – John Roach

Retrieved from: http://www.johnroach.net/dm/pdf/hierarchy_grid_slides.pdf

While I was reading this week’s article, I also searched some designs, especially hierarchical grids since I did not clearly understand about this. Still I’m not sure if I can say that using some odd grids in order to emphasize a certain element can be a hierarchical grid. Hopefully I could learn more in class.

This pdf file introduces more about hierarchy grids, but it also includes grid samples similar to this week’s reading article. Some samples using various grids can be found in the page eight to ten. One of the designs actually shows the grid lines vaguely, and the letters are located inside of each module. The same typeface is used for all the letters, but due to the thickness, color, and size, the letters look floating and rather than static. I was looking at the grids, but now I also tried to criticize the letterforms! The other example shown in the page ten has a very different grid layout, which the grid layout is tilted, not straight in horizontal or vertical ways. I guess I can categorize this as a hierarchy grid.


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