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Required Reading

Making and Breaking The Grid

My cutting mate has grid, which helps me cut paper nicely. Another idea I came up with was a media kit for advertisement, which I sometimes get from magazine companies for work. The media kit shows the grid and the size for ads.  This was what I knew about the grid, and I even didn’t pay attention a lot in terms of design except for the size of the ad, such as half page or full page ads. While I was reading the article and looking at some design samples, I found that the grid works more than I thought. It makes designer create better designs and allows people to access information more easily depending on which grids are used, such as manuscript for a textbook, two or three columns for different kinds of information, etc. The grid with variation draws my attention more, especially when it unifies two pages. The reading also introduces how the grid became more important. After the industrial revolution, mass production was started with low costs, people start facilitating their social life and education, and more reading materials were need for people’s life. The grid can be found even in a note pad with vertical and horizontal lines. Even without lines, it’s interesting to find out what kind of grid was used for a magazine or other materials.


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