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Required Reading from the AARP Magazine

AARP Bulletin February/March 2013, pp. 32-37, http://newsstand.aarp.org

The Best of your Life

This article is about how to make your life happier and presents 10 important things, such as meeting with happy people, starting saving since financial security makes people happy, sleeping well and eating well, being away from TV which makes us feel less happy, building a social network, making friends, finding a place of worship, decorating your house with your personal collections or live plants to provide full of light, having a pet, and being altruism.

When thinking of the word “happy” or “happiness,” I just image some words, such as bright, spring, yellow, and peace. Probably many people do same as me. Yellow and green are mainly used for images in the article, providing a warm feeling or mood, and some orange and blue are added. I think that images, colors, and grids are well used for older people in this article.  However, the combination of the number and the letter size for 10 subheadings made me a little bit confused, because I expected to read 10 items but couldn’t find the numbers used in the subheadings quickly due to the different sizes every other item. At a glance, I thought there are only 2, 4, 7, and 10 with big letter fonts and I missed the other items.


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