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Assignment: redesigning the ASC ppt templates


It was great to visit ASC to see its environment and to meet staff members. When I worked on designs for ASC, I imagined older people who tend to be weak. I tried to use a bright background and to avoid a strong dark background. However, when I showed my work pieces, the staff wouldn’t mind seeing a dark blue background since the text color shows a strong contrast with the background. They also liked using a bright yellowish orange background with two colors on the text such as black and dark orange, since it makes people easily see the text.

It looked like that adding the ASC’s logo in the powerpoint templates gave them a good impression, which could make them look official. Even though the staff members were retired from their job, but they were still professionals. They gave me a good advice on my templates, such as color combination, using a bar on the side, and a logo, which looked the template more official. One of the templates looked very cute due to a salmon pick background and flowers. Instead of revising this template, I created a new one with dark background which is different from the other two but looks more formal.


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