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Assignment: Sun Visor Design (sketch and version 1)



Version 1

sun visor1_v1 sun visor2_v1 sun visor3_v1

I selected a sun visor for the free design assignment since the weather is getting warm and people like to go outside now. I think the sun visor might be a good item for the ASC people when they have outdoor activities.


I used the similar designs to the ones used for the t-shirts. For the design #1, I put the white “@ASC” along with the catch phrase design and made the letters bigger in order to show the organization. The design #2 includes “ASC” and the catch phrases same as the t-shirt design #2; however, I removed the flower since it looked busy for this sun visor. For the design #3, I added the flower and the mission statement together to make the design balanced. Since the mission statement includes the name of the center, I didn’t add “ASC” for this design.

Assignment: T-Shirt Design (critiques and version 2)



Version 2


For the design #1, I changed the color used in “@ASC” from white to gray since the white color looks strong. The flower in the design #2 was not clearly designed, so I filled inside the flower with very light yellow. I also added the catch phrases at the bottom of the “ASC” design to make this shirt meaningful. I got various comments for the design #3, including moving the design on the back of the shirt or on the shoulders. I thought adding design on the shoulder looks nice, so I put the flower on one shoulder and the mission statement on the other shoulder. To show the identity of the organization and to avoid a blank appearance, I added “ASC” on the front of the shirt.

Inspiration: 6 great tips on how to prepare artwork for t-shirt printing

Doing graphic design and doing graphic design for printing is not actually the same. Sometimes we get different outcomes, and we always need to make sure that a printing company prints the same one that we want to have.

The article gives a guide of graphic design for t-shirt printing. First suggestion is using PMS colors to get more accurate colors with a silk screener, and the article includes a link of how to use Pantone in Illustrator. Second, the text needs to be changed to outlines so that the artwork can show the text as an image. Third, we better use the actual size of the printing. Forth, vector artwork can makes the print cleaner. Fifth, the strokes need to be expanded. Lastly, using half-tones will save the amount of colors and may reduce the budget.

Assignment: T-Shirt Design (sketch and version 1)



Version 1

 Design #1  Design #2  Design #3


The design #1 and #2 were designed for everyone. On the other hand, the design #3 may be good for women due to a flower in the middle. Since seniors do not want people to recognize they are seniors, I used an abbreviation “ASC” rather than spelling out the ASC in the design. The design #1 includes the ASC’s catch phrase with a round shape, and I put “@ASC” to imply where people do “exploring the world together.” I used the blue color shirt since it goes well with the color of the catch phrase design. For the design #2, I used “ASC” in the middle and added a flower. In order to make the design active or energetic, I put a white outline on the “ASC.” Since the color of the flower is yellow, I used same color for the text. I think the combination of the yellow text with the white outline gives a cheerful feeling. The design #3 includes the mission statement along with the flower, which is also used for the ASC logo. I think green color combination goes well with this design and feel calm and peaceful.

Assignment: ASC Website Wireframe (critiques and version 2)

Design #1



Version 2

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

PPT version: ASC website1_v2


Design #2



Version 2

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

PPT version: ASC website2_v2


The design #1 looked a little bit busy due to many lines, boxes, and many pictures on the banner. The reviewer also mentioned that there is no indication of the organization even though there is a logo on the Website. In order to make the Website simple, I redesigned tabs by removing them from the middle bar and attaching them to the main box for the content. I also moved the mission statement from the top and put it on the left side under the logo, and I added the “ARBUTUS SENIOR CENTER” in the middle so that people can recognize the name. For the design #2, I just changed the dark blue color, which was used for the top and the bottom, to dark green in order to match them with other buttons and the text colors.

Inspiration: The best websites in the world do these 6 things

The best websites in the world do these 6 things

  1. The best websites unify the experience (e.g. Lego and Abercrombie and Fitch)
  2. The best websites emphasize content (e.g. Facebook and Pinterest)
  3. The best websites deliver a custom user experience (e.g. ‘Amazon pages’ service)
  4. The best websites are flexible
  5. The best website streamline process
  6. The best website integrate social (e.g. Pepsi’s spanking new homepage)


The author presented how the best websites work. Lego and Abercrombie and Fitch were successfully designed unifying the user’s experience both on the Internet and off site stores. The design of Facebook and Pinterest are well designed emphasizing user contents. Even though I’m not into Facebook design, I agree with this point since I see some websites are more focused on contents with simple designs.  Again, the author addresses the best websites deliver a user’s experience. For example, Amazon provides recommendations, wish lists, etc. by personalizing web shopping experience. Depending on devices, the sizes of screen vary. This requires the web design to be flexible, which works properly either on the computer monitor or on a small smart phone. The best websites allow users to follow the path easily so that the users can achieve what they are looking for. Lastly, the good websites provide social media which users can interact.