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Required reading: Non-designer’s Design & Type Book

An organization’s printing materials is an important means of delivering its corporate identity. The chapter presents an identity package including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, etc. and how design need to be done. One of the features should be considered is repetition, because people can remember an image or a style whenever they receive or see through printing materials. For example, when we receive a business card, we may not quite remember a company logo. But it could reinforce our memory when we see the company logo through other printing materials, such as a letterhead or an envelope. Another element we need to consider could be simplicity. Instead of filling out all the space, leaving empty space makes design professional. One of the interesting guidelines is about the fonts. Using Times, Arial, or Helvetica could look old-fashioned. It’s not mentioned in this chapter, but I think the quality of paper is also important in design, because we could also include an embossed image or text, which could make it more professional and classic.


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