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Photo Essay: Identity System

Three identity systems I like.


This is a logo of the conglomerates in Korea. The corporate emphasizes on the intimacy with customers. The design of the logo has an appearance of a human’s face. The design of the logo is simple, practical which can be printed small, distinctive enough to show a message that the corporate wants to express, and appropriately designed.


This logo can be found almost all around the world. The design is very simple, can be printed small. It’s been used for a long time, and people recognize the logo without thinking. The color of yellow and red used in the logo provides warm feeling, appropriate for family or friends gatherings.

Bread and breakfast

The idea used in this design is not unique but distinctive enough.  The image of coffee represents morning, usually comes with breakfast well. The design and the text convey a meaning appropriately, which people can recognize well.


Two identity systems I don’t like.


When I saw this logo on the Internet, first my impression was that it’s scary and not appropriate for customers even though it expresses a meaning of ‘hair salon’ due to an image of scissors.


This is the logo of a bagel store. The design looks cute, but I don’t think it conveys a meaning well. I don’t know what the flower represents. If there is no text of ‘café & bake shoppe,’ I might have misunderstood that this is a logo of a fancy store named ‘Einstein’s’ not a bagel store.



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