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Inspiration: The best websites in the world do these 6 things

The best websites in the world do these 6 things


  1. The best websites unify the experience (e.g. Lego and Abercrombie and Fitch)
  2. The best websites emphasize content (e.g. Facebook and Pinterest)
  3. The best websites deliver a custom user experience (e.g. ‘Amazon pages’ service)
  4. The best websites are flexible
  5. The best website streamline process
  6. The best website integrate social (e.g. Pepsi’s spanking new homepage)


The author presented how the best websites work. Lego and Abercrombie and Fitch were successfully designed unifying the user’s experience both on the Internet and off site stores. The design of Facebook and Pinterest are well designed emphasizing user contents. Even though I’m not into Facebook design, I agree with this point since I see some websites are more focused on contents with simple designs.  Again, the author addresses the best websites deliver a user’s experience. For example, Amazon provides recommendations, wish lists, etc. by personalizing web shopping experience. Depending on devices, the sizes of screen vary. This requires the web design to be flexible, which works properly either on the computer monitor or on a small smart phone. The best websites allow users to follow the path easily so that the users can achieve what they are looking for. Lastly, the good websites provide social media which users can interact.



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