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Assignment: T-Shirt Design (sketch and version 1)



Version 1

 Design #1  Design #2  Design #3


The design #1 and #2 were designed for everyone. On the other hand, the design #3 may be good for women due to a flower in the middle. Since seniors do not want people to recognize they are seniors, I used an abbreviation “ASC” rather than spelling out the ASC in the design. The design #1 includes the ASC’s catch phrase with a round shape, and I put “@ASC” to imply where people do “exploring the world together.” I used the blue color shirt since it goes well with the color of the catch phrase design. For the design #2, I used “ASC” in the middle and added a flower. In order to make the design active or energetic, I put a white outline on the “ASC.” Since the color of the flower is yellow, I used same color for the text. I think the combination of the yellow text with the white outline gives a cheerful feeling. The design #3 includes the mission statement along with the flower, which is also used for the ASC logo. I think green color combination goes well with this design and feel calm and peaceful.


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