Assignment: ASC Website Wireframe (sketch and version 1)

ASC website_sketch1   ASC website_sketch2

Version 1

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design 1
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design 2
Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

<ppt files>
ASC website1_v1
ASC website2_v1

For this assignment, I tried to use the same theme of the ppt templates that I had created for ASC. As many of the users may be older people, I tried to make feedback of each tab more visible than other tabs. In addition, I used boxes for tabs so that people can easily find and click on the tab buttons. In order to make the website look more active, the pictures were added as a banner. Those pictures are captured from google image of Arbutus Senior Center.  The logo and the mission statement were also included to make this website look more official. For the content page, sub tabs are added in the page. For the pictures and the calendar pages, arrow buttons are added for users to easily search all the pictures and other months.


Assignment: Identity System (critiques and version 2)



Version 2

Identity System_Version2

Designs with the logo
In order to make these three materials consistent, I added a light blue bar on the envelope and the letterhead. Based on the comments, I enlarged the font size of the address used in the envelope and letterhead, and switched the location of the email address and the phone number on the business card. However, I kept the gray color for the catch phrases rather than using the same color of the blue since I think that having different light color looks more natural. One of the comments on the letterhead was moving the address down to make it balanced. However, usually the address stays on the top of the letterhead, I didn’t change the location of it. Instead, I added the light blue bar used in other two print materials in order to make it balanced and consistent with others.

Designs without the logo
Same as the design with logo, I enlarged the font size of the address used in the envelope and letterhead, and switched the location of the email address and the phone number on the business card. The location of the address on the envelope was moved a little bit toward the inside.

For the business card, I included all the necessary items including person’s name, title, division, address, phone number, and email address. It looks a little bit busy, but I think this way the same design can be used for the business card both with and without person’s title and division, rather than adding these items later.  Another challenge was that looking at the design on the screen and on the paper is different, especially overall layouts. Designers may have to consider this issue and make sure the final versions should be checked by printing them out before delivering them to the client.

Assignment: ASC board of directors sign

Final version (version 2)

Board of Directors_version 2
Board of Directors_version 2

Revision (with critiques)


In the first version, a black bar has been used as a background of the title “board of directors.” Since the black background and white text looked very strong, I made this translucent. The yellow background used for the directors was also changed to a tint color with textures.

For the other design, I also changed the background since two colors with pattern looked busy. The title put vertically on the left was removed to avoid an appearance of a book cover.  Black color used for the background of people’s name was too strong, so it was also changed to white background.

Inspiration: hidden meaning inside logos

It’s fun to find hidden meaning in logos. This article introduces several examples with each logo’s hidden meaning. For example, an arrow can be found in the FedEx logo, which makes sense since an arrow can represent speed. In Basin Robbins, people may easily find the number 31 referring to the kinds of ice creams that the company is providing.


Photo Essay: Identity System

Three identity systems I like.


This is a logo of the conglomerates in Korea. The corporate emphasizes on the intimacy with customers. The design of the logo has an appearance of a human’s face. The design of the logo is simple, practical which can be printed small, distinctive enough to show a message that the corporate wants to express, and appropriately designed.


This logo can be found almost all around the world. The design is very simple, can be printed small. It’s been used for a long time, and people recognize the logo without thinking. The color of yellow and red used in the logo provides warm feeling, appropriate for family or friends gatherings.

Bread and breakfast

The idea used in this design is not unique but distinctive enough.  The image of coffee represents morning, usually comes with breakfast well. The design and the text convey a meaning appropriately, which people can recognize well.


Two identity systems I don’t like.


When I saw this logo on the Internet, first my impression was that it’s scary and not appropriate for customers even though it expresses a meaning of ‘hair salon’ due to an image of scissors.


This is the logo of a bagel store. The design looks cute, but I don’t think it conveys a meaning well. I don’t know what the flower represents. If there is no text of ‘café & bake shoppe,’ I might have misunderstood that this is a logo of a fancy store named ‘Einstein’s’ not a bagel store.


Assignment: Identity System (version 1)

Version 1

Identity System_version 1

Initial Sketch

identity system1_sketch identity system2_sketch

Designs with the logo

I put ASC’s catch phrase right next to the logo and place this design on three printing materials. Dark gray color is used for all letters not to provide strong impact. On the business card, person’s name and addresses are arranged on the left and on the right. And a very light blue bar is added at the bottom to make the design balanced.

Designs without the logo

A part of the flower in the logo was used to avoid a monotonous appearance. Dark gray color is used for all letters same as the design with the logo. ASC’s mission statement is added at the bottom of each material. On the letterhead, a very tint gray color of the flower was added as a background.