Assignment: creating board of directors sign

Version 1

board of directors1
board of directors2

Initial Sketch

BOD_sketch1 BOD_sketch2

I included a picture of the ASC building on the directory because sometimes using a real picture looks design more alive. I wanted to have a picture with flowers or something bright. But due to a cold weather, there were no flowers outside other than a blue sky. If the ASC has some pictures from their events or activities, I think those pictures could be a good resource for design.  For the other design, I included the mission statement and the logo on the top along with little circles and used some patterns as a background in order to avoid monotony.


Required reading: Graphic Design The New Basics

The chapter reminds me of the beginning of the semester when we practiced design using letterforms and keyforms. Scaling an object could show its dimensions or thickness. We also could scale by cropping out an image and make an object more stand out. A logo design might be hard since it should “be legible at a tiny size and from a great distance.”  In objectively, scale is related to the literal dimensions of a physical object, such as a map. In subjectively, scale refers to people’s impression of an object’s size or a real thing.  How people feel could vary depending on scale. For example, looking at 12pt type on a computer screen sometimes provides different feeling when we print out the text. For me, I always feel printed text looks bigger.

Required reading: Non-designer’s Design & Type Book

An organization’s printing materials is an important means of delivering its corporate identity. The chapter presents an identity package including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, etc. and how design need to be done. One of the features should be considered is repetition, because people can remember an image or a style whenever they receive or see through printing materials. For example, when we receive a business card, we may not quite remember a company logo. But it could reinforce our memory when we see the company logo through other printing materials, such as a letterhead or an envelope. Another element we need to consider could be simplicity. Instead of filling out all the space, leaving empty space makes design professional. One of the interesting guidelines is about the fonts. Using Times, Arial, or Helvetica could look old-fashioned. It’s not mentioned in this chapter, but I think the quality of paper is also important in design, because we could also include an embossed image or text, which could make it more professional and classic.

Assignment: redesigning the ASC ppt templates


It was great to visit ASC to see its environment and to meet staff members. When I worked on designs for ASC, I imagined older people who tend to be weak. I tried to use a bright background and to avoid a strong dark background. However, when I showed my work pieces, the staff wouldn’t mind seeing a dark blue background since the text color shows a strong contrast with the background. They also liked using a bright yellowish orange background with two colors on the text such as black and dark orange, since it makes people easily see the text.

It looked like that adding the ASC’s logo in the powerpoint templates gave them a good impression, which could make them look official. Even though the staff members were retired from their job, but they were still professionals. They gave me a good advice on my templates, such as color combination, using a bar on the side, and a logo, which looked the template more official. One of the templates looked very cute due to a salmon pick background and flowers. Instead of revising this template, I created a new one with dark background which is different from the other two but looks more formal.

Required Reading from the AARP Magazine

AARP Bulletin February/March 2013, pp. 32-37,

The Best of your Life

This article is about how to make your life happier and presents 10 important things, such as meeting with happy people, starting saving since financial security makes people happy, sleeping well and eating well, being away from TV which makes us feel less happy, building a social network, making friends, finding a place of worship, decorating your house with your personal collections or live plants to provide full of light, having a pet, and being altruism.

When thinking of the word “happy” or “happiness,” I just image some words, such as bright, spring, yellow, and peace. Probably many people do same as me. Yellow and green are mainly used for images in the article, providing a warm feeling or mood, and some orange and blue are added. I think that images, colors, and grids are well used for older people in this article.  However, the combination of the number and the letter size for 10 subheadings made me a little bit confused, because I expected to read 10 items but couldn’t find the numbers used in the subheadings quickly due to the different sizes every other item. At a glance, I thought there are only 2, 4, 7, and 10 with big letter fonts and I missed the other items.

Required Reading from the AARP Magazine

Sally Abrahms, AARP Bulletin March 2013, pp. 10-13,

The Power of Music

For those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, music could be a powerful therapy to make their life soothed and enjoyable, because music could stimulate one’s memories, reduce anxiety, pain or other symptoms that older people usually have.  Listing to familiar songs or music, singing a song, and listing to music together could boost the elder’s life and may treat or reduce their illness.

The cover page used a dark background and a title with less contrast colors. The words of the title are also overlapped. It looks very nice since it could draw people’s attention when they flip the pages of the magazine. However, I’m not sure if the older could feel comfortable with reading the first cover page though. The other pages include a white background with black letters. Dark brown color is used for the subheadings, and a 2-column grid is used along with a picture between two columns, which helps ease reading texts only.

Assignment: ABS PowerPoint Templates

Sketches: photo_1 photo_3 photo_2

PDF versions: template-1_pdf,  template-2,  pdftemplate-3_pdf
PPT files: template-1, template-2, template-3

For the ABS powerpoint templates, brown, green, and pink colors have been used for each template. In order to ease readers’ eyes, pastel colors have been selected from the color. A very light tint of each color is also used as a background to avoid gloss from the white background. The ABS logo is used in the template 2 with green color, which matches yellow flower and blue color on the logo. The letters and the flower from the logo are also used separately in the template 1 and 2 in order to decorate the templates and provide a soft feeling.